On Thursday, July 4, experience the dynamic world of the Rotterdam Makers District and meet heroes from the world of innovation and technology at Future Flux Festival X 10YRDM Rotterdam. Come to RDM’s Onderzeebootloods (Submarine Wharf) for a day full of tech, music and inspiration. More than 50 (young) makers will show their projects, start-ups or scale-ups and innovations within the themes of digital transformation, human capital, energy transition and the manufacturing industry.
View dozens of projects, follow workshops and keynotes by Ming Chan, the entrepreneur behind Genuin.Engineering, and Kees Koolen, CEO of Koolen Industries and known from and Uber. The musical programming is provided by, among others, DÂK, Dansvoer, North Sea Round Town and Don de Baron. 10 years of RDM Rotterdam will also be celebrated at the festival, which lasts from 11 am to 10 pm. Book your free ticket now on!

Ming Chan of Genuin.Engineering is a passionate “problem solver” who helps the people around him to follow their passion – thereby also helping other entrepreneurs and companies. He believes that technology that is applied in the right way should benefit everyone in daily life. Today he shares his story and the strategy behind the innovations that he helped to realize.

Kees Koolen started his first company in 1988. In 1997 he invested in, where he was COO, CEO and chairman until 2014. In 2012 he became involved with Uber, which he supported in their international expansion and establishment of the international headquarters in Amsterdam. Now Kees – in addition to becoming 2017 world champion Cross-Country Rallies on a quad – is CEO of Koolen Industries, a smart energy company that embraces the energy transition and wants to make clean, affordable and reliable energy accessible to everyone.

At various stages, companies and educational institutions showcase how they are contributing to Rotterdam becoming the smartest port. In workshops, discussions and presentations we will explain such terms as digital transformation, human capital, energy transition and manufacturing industry in a typical “Rotterdam way”. And during the exclusive Magical Tour, especially for 10 years RDM Rotterdam, we will make a tour through Innovation Dock in which art and tech come together in a unique and magical way.

In addition to content, there is of course also food and fun! These makers of the nightlife culture in Rotterdam are coming to Future Flux Festival:

  • North Sea Round Town, a branch of North Sea Jazz, gives two special concerts, with an occasional formation consisting of Jamie Peet (drums), Alexander van Popta (keys) and Pink Oculus (vocals). Their set stylistically sits between hip hop, electronic and jazz.
  • Festival organization DÂK provides a small holiday in your own city. Take a cultural trip around the world with musicians, influences and sounds from all over the world. From Mexico to Africa, from salsa to dancehall and from djembe to DJ sets.
  • Dansvoer, the founders of the silent disco, are also present. With three channels and a mini karaoke channel, this promises to be one big party.
  • To top it off, ClubK (known for the ‘Geheime Tuin’ and others) provides a real mini roller disco together with Donker Collective, where you can roll on your skates and dance to the music of a big Mystery Guest, Moody Mehran and Betonkust Live.

About Future Flux Festival
Future Flux Festival is a festival for pioneers and a platform for new developments in technology and innovation. This makes Rotterdam the perfect city to house Future Flux Festival. The city not only offers room for development, but also room for testing and realization. This year the festival is being organized for the fourth time by RDM Rotterdam in collaboration with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Due to the international nature of the festival, the programming is mainly in English. For more information and the full program, visit

Meet the makers at Future Flux Festival x 10YRDM Rotterdam. Get a glimpse of the dynamic world of the Rotterdam Makers District. Connect with the heroes of innovation & technology and get involved in a day full of tech, music & inspiration. Join us Thursday the 4th of July 2019 from 11:00 till 22:00 at RDM Rotterdam. The entrance is free, but make sure to sign up. Tickets will cost at the door €5,-.

Limited tickets are available! Sign-up now for FREE here!